Collection: Ruth Elizabeth Jones

Ruth Elizabeth Jones

"A holding and containing space is implicit in my clay vessels, feminine forms often with wide hips and generous bellies. They are informed by world ceramics as far back as the neolithic; pottery made in matriarchal societies.

I work with a meditative focus and my intention is that some of this energy is retained in my work: hand-built and thrown pieces and curated collections for interior settings.

By a careful process of refining the interior and exterior surfaces I create movement through texture, and harmony of form. My smoke-firings produce unique surfaces, highly responsive to changes in light, where each facet reveals a new mood or atmosphere.

I have had an affinity with clay since childhood; from first touch I found my vocation. After studying 3D Design and then graduating in Studio Ceramics I established studios in Derby and then relocated to Scotland where I now work in rural Dumfriesshire."