Collection: Milly Jones

Melissa Jones was born in Johannesburg in 1975. Milly, as she is more commonly known, graduated with a BA in Fine Art at the University of Stellenbosch in 1998.
After years of travel and having lived in the Western Cape, South Africa, Milly now resides in Livingston, Scotland with her husband and young daughter. 
Milly has sold her work through local and international galleries and had numerous group and solo exhibitions.

"It is the gooey luminosity and vast versatility of oil paint and other media that inspire me to work as a painter. I love to play with mixed media initially, creating art pieces, sometimes using references and sometimes the mind's eye intuition. The process of art making is what excites me and I love to create a range of diverse effects using mark-making, colour, and by blurring the abstract with the representational.  The process of construction and deconstruction of the surface is like a meditation.”