Collection: Lisa Toppin a.k.a Agnes and Cora

Inspired by nature, her garden and vintage fabrics, Lisa Toppin makes everything at home in her tiny wee cottage in Aberdour.

She loves to sew and has made things as long as she can remember. She especially loves the rhythm of hand sewing and is at her happiest with a needle and thread in hand.

She always takes the time to select the perfect combination of materials for each piece and loves working with colour and texture, using interesting and unexpected contrasts so that each accessory is a little `story`.

A great majority of her pieces are made using recycled things, letting old fabrics and buttons live again as a unique accessory which will hopefully become a new treasure.

She started her accessory business full-time in 2008 and is always adding new designs to her collection.

She’s a perfectionist and always ensures that each piece is finished to the highest possible standard.