Collection: Heather Downie

Heather is a visual artist and animator from Scotland currently living and working in Glasgow. Having graduated from my Painting undergraduate degree at Edinburgh College of Art in 2019 followed by a MSc in Animation at the University of Dundee in 2021, She continues to work across a range of mediums and utilise both traditional and contemporary techniques in her practice. Drawing inspiration from the flora of Scotland’s moss and fern covered landscapes they attempt to magnify the beauty, colours and patterns that they find in these spaces, building highly energetic, playful and dynamic scenes. The forms that they draw inspiration from are gradually abstracted and reimagined to build new kaleidoscopic environments. The viewer is invited to explore this new landscape, melting and swimming between the brushstrokes, and finding familiarity in the smaller details. Through an array of texture and a playful interpretation of light and dark, they aim to create a dialogue between the physical and ethereal spaces. The fluidity of forms allows her to express the energy and vibrancy of these landscapes, and a visual rhythm stimulates the observer to explore the tumultuous terrain. (2023)