Collection: Claremont Ceramics

The brains behind Claremont Ceramics is Quay Tran

Quay makes pots and teaches wheel thrown pottery in London. He’s a former florist, working a variety of roles in the flower business over 8 years before taking the leap to a full time potter. This past life has heavily inspired his works from the glazes he uses (bright, tonal and textured much like how nature isn’t just one colour) to the forms he creates.

His craft focuses on creating joyful and tactile table and home wares, such as bowls, cups, jugs and vases. Each item is crafted with precision and functionality in mind with the viewpoint of combining ergonomic minimal forms decorated with the complex and random beauty of nature in mind. Their pieces try to capture beauty of the material by showing off the clay, honouring its source and showcasing the multitude of colours hidden just below our feet. His glazes and finishes are usually bright and vibrant in contrast to this and display the variety of colours glazes come in.