Collection: Pascale Wilson

PANGO pieces are designed and handmade by Pascale Wilson, an artist working in Bristol, UK. She loves to create character-rich artworks, combining simple forms with faces, patterns and bold colours to spark narratives. Handbuilding is a slow and freeform production method, allowing her to organically discover characters while making. Her work is reminiscent of Pre-Columbian art, using repeated patterns, animal and human forms, and an intrinsic playfulness, inspiring a sense of myth and curiosity. Her interest in psychological states, dreams, and our collective mental landscape underpins her work, driving her to seek understanding through making.

Pascale has been teaching ceramics in Bristol for 4 years, and is passionate about sharing her knowledge. She feels clay is an accessible medium to anyone, whether they deem themselves to be creative or not, and loves to help people realise their ideas. Her sessions offer information fundamental to handbuilding and decorating, while providing the scope for individual style and creativity within each project.